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The Godfather – Who wouldn't know the world famous movie ?!
Don Lázi, the leader of the band, is the Hungarian godfather of swing music. With live music concerts, he makes a real hilarious atmosphere on the stage and entertains the audience with a showman's humor. With his professional six-man band, you don't need to be an expert to recognize his sophisticated instrumental music. His performance is unique in Hungary. In his concerts, the audience sings with him, join to dance, and they can't go home without any extra.


Don Lázi interpret the art of Louis Prima. His music recall the 50s of Las Vegas era.  He was the most versatile and most widely known artist of his age. At this time, his most popular  songs were born as, Just a Gigolo, Bouna Sera Signorina, Volare, Angelina, Sing Sing Singm etc. In addition to these, Don Lázi present many other well-known evergreen tunes, such as Louis
Armstrong’s What a Wonderful World” and even Operas in the style of jazz. Don Lázi attempts to innovate the genre, its arrangements and performance which are very popular in Europe. These rearranged songs also part of his repertoaire, O Sole Mio, Over the Rainbow, Mambo Italiano, I Wanna be Like You, Quando, Quando, Flinstones. He appears on International stages with great success to which he is regularly called back with his band. 



The Band

The bandmembers are all professional musicians, who aimed to interpret autenthically the music of
Louis Prima and the music of the 50s

Every concert has its own atmosphere and the band guarantee the extraordinary vibes

Lineup : Don Lázi ( trumpet, vocal ) saxophone, trombone, guitar, piano, double bass, drums

The band achieved great success in the following countries: Switzerland, Germany, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, France, Belgium


Concert recording

Janice Harrington

Vocalist of Louis Armstrong


Don Lázi already played with several notable artist such as Joe Murányi (clarinet player of Louis Armstrong), Leroy Jones (Jazz Trumpet player from New Orleans), Janice Harrington (Vocalist of Louis Armstrong) and also shared the stage with the legendary Thoots Thielemans

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István Lázár - Band leader

Mobil: +36-70/884 6743